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Spaces are my main interest. I find great sources of information in spaces and many human
traces on them, traces that transcend a human lifecycle. Even pristine natural spaces hold a human trace: our gaze. This gaze transforms them into landscapes. I understand landscape as the first existent text, and I aim to use it as a discursive element alongside other signs or symbols, with the personal purpose to invite to introspection. The image as an object printed on any surface, bound in a book or projected (as a type
of temporary copy), has a place in the space modifying the environment, creating a new possible landscape. The presence of the photographs in the space is also crucial for my work, bringing their meaning to completion. I feel the need to engage physically with the images, from the photographic act, integrating the body-mind perception abilities, to the production of the final object through the binding, engraving, painting or setting them in a presentation space.
I cultivate a female style in my work, or to widen the adjective, I rely on the Chinese concept of ying. In my conception, ying style photos caress, suggest, invite, engender, instead of impose, impact or give a closed statement. In the photographic act I maintain an attitude characterized by ying. Rather than shoot or capture an image, I allow the image to enter. At the moment of showing the images, rather than amaze or overwhelm I prefer to invite and to leave a space for interaction with the spectator.

In the act of looking, receiving and offering are two actions that occur together.