#1 Zyklus is transformation, music, image and that which just could be seen in silence


Leporello, limited edition, 100 signed and engraved copies

Photographs and texts printed on cotton paper with fine art quality


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Posible uses of #1 Zyklus

I wish to specially thanks to Julia Alba, María Laura Zoya, Guillermina Doyhenard, Fabio Oliveto, Gabriel Hamamé, Leopoldo Nahuel, Chelo and Laurence Shigeko Gaskill, for walking accompany me in this turn over the helical path.




El amor en el muro, at Arles

With great joy, I want to share with you the news of an exhibition of Love on the wall.
I want to invite you to the opening of the exhibition at Comptoirs Arlesienes gallery, in Arles, France this Saturday 16 at 18 pm.
Until 25 June, you can visit this exhibition curated by Line Lavesque, and shared with the talented colleague, Marie Sommer.
I’m also showing in the gallery a new production, which is presented to the public for the first time in the gallery.



Altres mirades sobre l’art

Roma is a lucid, fast, sharp water-eyed man, passionate, an inevitable revolutionary. I met him a few years ago at the Escola Massana in Barcelona, ​​where he teaches. As we talked we toured the old building. I love exploring the spaces and he knows every inch of the place, was an amazing guide. I remember formidable spaces and stairs, roofs, walkways, white classrooms, libraries. Later we thake look to some photos and we recognized in several ideas.
This summer I returned to Barcelona. Had coffee with Pere and Romá. He surprised me with this book, where among other things, talks about Love on the wall photos. Obviously, Romá realized the truth, and I love how he say it: Love on the wall photos are falsely cold. Yes.
I like, I’m toched about him call to action, I like the thrill of the action in his young students, I really like his claim and validation of the buried history of his country. The clarity of mind that a country with fear, which erases his past can not make just laws and act accordingly. Without fear of inconveniencing lashes and declares the death of photojournalism, art urgency, despises forced aesthetic discourses and machismo. He is direct and acerbic, shakes us. Calls to move, to keep us awake and alert, ready for action.
Thank you, thank you very much. I love your text in Altres mirades sobre l’art, it’s windy, so dissipates the fog of the mainstream. It is an honor to walk over there.

sin título-6419

Aguas Bajan

Aguas Bajan from Marina Losada on Vimeo.

2 de abril del 2013, la ciudad de La Plata, Argentina sufre la mas grande inundación de su historia

El sol caía cuando empecé a pelear contra el miedo y el agua. Empezaba una noche en la que recorrería la frontera de mis límites abrazada a mi instinto.
El sol se preparaba para salir cuando empezó a bajar el agua. Sin saber, busqué la cámara. Con necesidad visceral disparé sin pensar, casi sin ver. Instinto, más.
Con poco resto ya, conseguí abrir la puerta. Pasillo, luz, voces, gente, manos, lágrimas.

Fotografías tomadas durante la madrugada del 3 de abril de 2013 en la casa donde vivo, en la ciudad de La Plata.

Love in the wall – Contemporary art gallery Ranchos

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El amor en el muro inició su “Gira 2014”! Es una gran alegría mostrar en Ranchos, es una gran alegría que viajen los apasionados mensajes urbanos hacia distantes ciudades. Ha sido un placer ser invitada por Damian Novellino, que junto a su equipo hicieron de esta una exposición impecable y una cálida y agradable velada de celebración.

Como ya casi es tradición en las inauguraciones de El amor en el muro, Nathalie Collomb nos acompañó con sus hermosas historias y sus canciones franco-argentinas. Gracias infinitas, es un honor compartir el camino con gente como ustedes!

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