Aguas Bajan

english translation below


Advances without pause, occupy, fill everything up. Floods.
Enters, penetrates, overflows, conquers all space.
It does not stop.
Is a vain attempt to contain it, a meaningless consolation.
The night, the silence and the screams, the eternal rain.
Short lights and the inevitable struggle against the loss.
Titans comes out from me. Tears, prayers. Exhausted efforts.
I breathe uncertainty, I beat fear.
Adrenaline, yearning for a hug. I pray it to stop, I pray for knowing about the outdoors.
Pray that I may leave.
The water comes down and the corroded surfaces shows me what’s under the masks. All of us, without exception, have been unmasked.
The light of the day after, day that lasts for months, shows me our truths. Horrible and beautiful.
The water comes down, taking off our skin. We are in the flesh.