The love in the wall

Misterious passage from the private to the public. Personal and intimate feelings that ends expressing themselves in the most colective place of the city: the street. Which motivations, expectations, frustrations will guide those in love people to talk using urban walls?.
Love in the wall, from a coceptual perspective, reflects on the reconsideration of love in the public space.

Love in The Wall
María Julia Alba

Accordind to the Otoman´s legendary history, Sirin falls in love with Hursev, as she observes his face on portrait that not by mistake was hung on a tree´s branch in the middle of the forest. Is the image of Hursev that causes Sirin to fall in love with him. In our story, there is not forest, there is a city. Neither portraits but there is love trying to build itself through representation, with images and words. Between the noise, the city rush, characteristic of the big cities, the traffic, the honking, everyday frenzy, the tender love renews itself.
There are not letters, neither flowers, there not troubadours below the balconies, neither knight dedicatin their battles to their love one, or naming cities with their names.
The urban lover achievement is: exteriorised his feelings and writing them on the neghiborhood´s walls, streets, metalic curtains, behind the message somebody waits. In the wall`s painted heart, love metonymy for exelence, concentrated the tension from the one that gives, the recipient will be who may accept, keep, play, or refuse.
In that heart goess the whole.
Who might be those lovers that put their feelings on the wall? In most of cases we do not know their names. We only have their strokes, the footprints of their passions transformed in images,the leaking of a fast messages,the anreadble letters of a remote love,the firm lines of a unmistaken proposal, and hearts , many and diverse.
Hearts that are spread around the wall,that interferes on our day to day pilgrimaje,which tangles with our sights winkling rapidly to our fellings,and transform themself to a street invitation to think about love. Could be possible that love break through by the hands from those that write on the wall?
Every image is a piece of an unrechable history for us,we can rehearse a plot, imagining the cast and guessing the endings.
What we can never denied is:that those manifestaions are visual afirmations of subjects that love.

Maria Julia Alba. Professor in History of Visual Arts University of La Plata.