Väre on stage

Väre is today a work in movement, unfolding itself in branches of interdisciplinary exploration in the forms of photography, visual projections, video, dance, and visual performance.Väre on stage
A sound landscape and a choreographic landscape were created inspired by the first set of experimental images of Väre.  I composed then a video piece integrating the sound landscape. This video was projected on stage and over dancers bodies, recalling the meaning of the Finnish word väre1.

Image, bodies and touch were intertwined by music. A superimposition of time occurred connecting the moment in which the images of Väre were taken and the moment in they were part of a dance and visual performance.

A collective creation, called water wave me, was shown as a performance of contemporary dance, last December 2018 in Lyon with a group of 6 dancers.  After that presentation, I received an invitation to participate with my projections on rehearsals and on a show performed last April 2019 in the Ampitheatre Culturelle of Lyon2 University, France.
This project has received the support of Aalto University and Lyon2 University.


1 The Finnish term väre refers to small undulations on the surface of a fluid. The word also describes the same type of movements in the human body, such as chills or quivers as a physical reaction to an emotion.