#1 Zyklus

#1 Zyklus is an artist’s Object-Book inspired by the ideas of controled chance, cycles and circularity from the scores of Zyklus, opus #9 of Karlheinz Stockhausen. The images on the book explore the borders of photograpy and subtlety question the stablished order and truth.

Karlheinz Stockhausen composed Zyklus, his opus #9, in 1959. It is a cyclical work, in which the musician decides where to start and how to play the piece, choosing from a set of random structures created by the composer. Taking any of the possible paths, the performer will do a 360 degree turn while he’s playing the piece. The spatiality has a remarkable importance in this work and in order to express it in the score, the composer designed a particular notation and a graphic structure. In the same way, you can choose how to observe #1 Zyklus. You can decide how it will take up its place in the space.#1 Zyklus is the first one of a constellation of works. Its role in this constellation is to remind the natural persistence of the cyclical processes in our civilization, and let us wonder about the reality and the true.It is also a form of  gratitude to the expressions of contemporary, spectral, electroacoustic and atonal music, that reveal to me new paths in thinking, they invite me to embrace the unpredictable, to look underneath of the apparent, to play on the edge of what seems to be real.

Artist’s Object-book, format leporello. Limited edition of 100 copies signed, numbered and engraved copies

Printed on cotton paper with fine art quality pigments inks


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