A photographic exploration of music landscapes

Väre1 is a multifaceted experimental project on transformation and perception. Like any experimental process, or like life itself, it is an eternal work in progress.
I sought to transform music into images, using its own materiality. Water was my means of decoding and light made the transformation visible.
In order to convey the complexity that music embraces, I improvised on multiple sound and light modulations. As if I was playing an instrument for a visual interpretation of musical works, I generated figures on the surface of the water that were portrayed in these photographic images.

Throughout this project I rediscovered the concept of wave motion that is present in sound, water and light. Although we cannot perceive it with the naked eye, this same wave behavior inhabits all the matter on our planet, at the level of subatomic particles.
Will humans ever be able to perceive this common behavior through everything that exists?
In my search for answers I explored the visuality of music and the haptic aspect of images. Thus, I extended my artistic practice from photography to contemporary dance, to live analogical audiovisual performance and to the moving image. These experiences converge in Väre to shape a transdisciplinary project, which has been the subject of my MA thesis in photography, and which was presented at the Finnish Museum of Photography in Helsinki, at the Amphitheatre of the Lumiére University Lyon2 and at ENSP Arles in France.
1:The Finnish term väre refers to small waves on the surface of a fluid and also describes a similar movement on human skin.