The borders of the self and the sense of oneness

Oneing is a dialogue between images mirrored in the otherness through which I wonder about the ego borders, confronted with the ideas of non-dualism and self-dissolution in
In these diptychs I drew a poetic bond between the earth and the sky, as a way to explore on the perception of our planet as a whole living organism, that interrelates every inhabitant
just by the fact of belonging to it. The search for references to time and space in the images shows our need to anchor to conventions, perhaps looking for certainty in the absence of visual topographical clues. In these natural landscape abstractions, I linked and superimposed different spaces and times. As in a stereophony, I looked to create a new landscape relief, a sensation of a different spatial distribution in the observer, a place from where we can remember this notion of belonging, shared with every being on our planet.